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Outsourced imagination is a

purpose-driven marketing agency helping companies grow with purpose. 

Given that purpose is now a powerful lever in modern business, it's unsurprising that more companies are turning to purpose-driven strategies to redefine success and create sustainable value. 

However, the tide has turned so quickly that business leaders face a monumental challenge: how to re-frame business models and introduce sustainable marketing strategies that benefit all stakeholders.


The unfolding severity of the world's problems, including the climate emergency, poverty, inequality, education and health care also mean it’s not enough for a company to claim their purpose-driven if they're not a responsible business accountable for supporting a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Because organisations can no longer thrive in a world where people and the planet do not, the call for authentic purpose in business is louder than ever. 

As a purpose-driven marketing agency created by Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh, Outsourced imagination helps companies navigate the purpose space.


From workshops that get to the heart of an organisation's social purpose to digital solutions and forward-thinking marketing strategies; we are creators of thoughtful cause marketing campaigns and honest communications that inspire everyday people to use their spending power to make a positive difference in the world.

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