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Outsourced imagination is a boutique brand purpose marketing agency dedicated to building brands with purpose.

There is a radical shift happening in the world right now.


For the first time in history, we are seeing the forging of global communities that are coming together over hard-hitting topics including COVID-19 and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 


Climate change, inequality, mental and physical health, poverty, government accountability and a demand for transparency remain common themes running in the background. Behaviours that were once considered ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ are rapidly dissolving as we head towards a new era of the unknown.


Le's create a better 'normal'

No one can accurately predict the outcome of this monumental universal shift that is affecting all industries, but with difficult times come exciting opportunities.

Believing this is a time for positive growth and for businesses to be better and do better, Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh was inspired to create Outsourced imagination - a brand purpose marketing agency providing strategic marketing support for small businesses and big brands.

We don't just provide regular marketing services; we provide meaningful marketing strategies that make a difference. 

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Our why

We're dedicated to helping small businesses and big brands evolve in a world where profit and success are synonymous with purposeful brand work.


Lindsay Grace


For almost two decades, Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh has worked with some of the most respected companies throughout the UK and South-East Asia. 




Our philosophy is to surround our business with powerful strategic partners who share our values.

What people say:

Purpose-driven marketing agency Outsourced imagination

Clive Edwards

General Manager

AYANA Resort & Spa, Bali

"Lindsay is extremely creative and her input was always solicited for direction in areas outside of her portfolio.


She added great value to the organisation, fostering great relationships that enabled the resort to increase by 20% the awards received under her stewardship."

Purpose-driven marketing agency Outsourced imagination

Anjuli Parker

Chief Operating Officer

OrcaNation, Singapore

"Lindsay is a strategic marketing whizz with an ability to work alongside C-Suite Management and clearly understand the role of marketing to support and enhance the business."

Purpose-driven marketing agency Outsourced imagination

Ian Heath

General Manager

Alexander Hotels, London

"Lindsay was dedicated to the business. She demonstrated an excellent work ethic and really treated the company as her own. 

She mapped a complete strategy across all platforms and executed some excellent marketing initiatives."


Let our imagination take you places.

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