Our Brand Story

Created by Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh, this is the story of how our purpose-driven marketing agency came to be.


Making the world a better place used to feel like someone else’s job.

Steeped in the warmth of a successful corporate career, it rarely occurred to me that the beauty of business is the ability to do so much more than simply make money. 

Financial gains are, of course, still a priority for any company. But in the world we live in today — where environmental and social issues are more pressing than ever — true success comes when you combine profit with purpose.

I first discovered this concept after following my own career from London, in the UK to Bali, Indonesia.  

Living amongst the Balinese people on a 95-mile-wide island wasn’t just eye-opening, it was life-changing. Being in Asia, surrounded by communities that treat each other as family and where acts of kindness are a daily routine, cracked me open in ways I could never have imagined. 

They say, ‘the magic of Bali changes you,’ and from my five-years of living and working on the island of the Gods, I stand by this statement. 

As an expatriate, I quickly realised that my old Londonesque way of doing things had become obsolete.

The humility and compassion of the Balinese people, alongside the reality of climate change, the growing focus of the worlds social problems, and working directly with a purpose-driven company showed me that human fulfilment, our environment and our society must come above all else.


Understanding that purpose-led businesses are the enabler of change and that courageous and kind leadership is central to progress, I received a fresh perspective on the type of marketing agency I wanted to grow.

Despite the growing pandemic, I proceeding to launch Outsourced imagination — a purpose-driven marketing agency that exists to help for-profit businesses look at marketing and internal systems differently. We reframe what’s gone before and support the shift from growth and profit thinking to build businesses that thrive on human wellbeing and a sustainable economy.  

We believe profit and success are synonymous with purposeful brand work and conscious marketing. 

Our philosophy: 

Kinder business = kinder people 
Kinder people = kinder decisions 

Kinder decisions = kinder impact on the world

Today, through Outsourced imagination, I work with like-minded clients and collaborate with like-minded people and partners. 

As a purpose-driven marketing agency, we focus on 3 pillars: 





Through purpose, we focus on contribution, positive brand impact and growing cultures that care.  


Through imagination, we create, innovate and challenge the status quo. There are no limits.


Through marketing, we create life-changing marketing strategies, shareable stories and campaigns that make a positive difference in the world. 

Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh purpose-driven marketing expert

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