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How to build a purpose-driven brand

Is your goal to build a profitable business and a relevant brand in a changing world?

Brands today have the opportunity to create meaningful change like never before. Studies show purpose-driven companies have higher market share, grow on average three times faster than their competitors and have higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Often purpose-driven companies outperform their competitors and can better weather difficult economic climates, but only those with an authentic purpose at the heart of the organisation.

So how do businesses get it right?

Developed by Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh the Brand Purpose DNA Workshop is designed to support organisations and business leaders on a journey to become a successful purpose-led business.

The Brand Purpose DNA Workshop helps companies get to the core of their purpose. We show you how to reshape your business in a way that will positively impact your profits, people and the planet.

The bespoke workshop is designed to:

  • Get to the soul of your brand purpose

  • Build a competitive advantage that lasts

  • Create a culture that is loved and respected

  • Enhance your corporate reputation

  • Drive meaningful content that has 10 x more engagement

  • Generate business growth and profitability

  • Yield meaningful media exposure

The workshop not only focuses on how to find your purpose but shows you how to embed your brand purpose into the organisation's DNA. We help develop your purpose-driven marketing strategy and show you how to share your purpose with the world through creative campaigns designed to grow strong communities and build customer loyalty.

The workshop is available as an online course or face-to-face event. To find out more, simply get in touch to request our brochure.

The Brand Purpose DNA Workshop helps start-up and established businesses navigate the complexities of the purpose landscape,


The workshop is developed around a Purpose DNA Framework that guides leaders on how to DISCOVER their personal purpose, corporate purpose and social purpose, NAVIGATE it through their culture and ACTIVATE it in their communications.


Ultimately, the workshop is designed to show leaders how to shape the business in a way that positively impacts profits, people and the planet.

Start your journey to become a purpose-driven brand today!

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