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Our brand purpose promise

At Outsourced imagination, we believe it's time to change the world through better business. Our purpose-driven marketing agency is committed to building brands with purpose. 

We believe brands can use their power to set a new standard for how we live as a global community.


Success means more than just making money. Real success is making a positive contribution to the world while inspiring others AND achieving profit. 

There are many reasons why we do what we do:


  • Firstly, we LOVE marketing. It's in our DNA and there's nothing more rewarding than creating effective strategic marketing plans framed by brand purpose.   

  • Supporting businesses is our business. We pride ourselves on being able to generate impactful marketing solutions that are considerate to ​offline and online communications channels. 

  • We feel the thrill when growth, profit and purpose-driven objectives are achieved. 


  • We're in it for the world. We want to live on a planet rotating with kindness, compassion, diversity, equality and inclusion. 

  • We choose to use our platform as a vehicle for good. In line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 (access to water and sanitation for all,) we're committing 5% of every invoice to our partner charity: water. This means that when you work with us, you're automatically making a difference in the world. 

Our brand purpose promise to charity: water

5% of every Outsourced imagination invoice goes directly to charity: water. 


We're a huge fan of this non-profit organisation that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

To date, charity: water has funded over 24,500 water programmes. They've helped over seven million people across 24 countries access clean drinking water. 


Charity: water was the first choice as our brand purpose promise community support partner for many reasons, including:


  • Transparency: 100% of all public donations fund water project costs. 

  • Trust: charity: water uses photography and technology to prove how every dollar has been used.

  • Integrity: the brand is built around hope instead of guilt. 

  • Community: the brand vision is to reinstil confidence in non-profit organisations and build a community of generous world-changers. 

Inspired by charity: water’s transparent approach, our clients receive an official proof of donation notification as soon as the transfer has been made. 

Why we're committed to charity: water

We were inspired by the story of charity: water's founder Scott Harrison who stepped out of the New York City limelight and headed to West Africa to volunteer with a hospital ship charity. 

Driven by the burning desire to provide safe drinking water to the world, Scott started his incredible non-profit organisation. 

If you want to know more about charity: water, you can visit their website or find out more here>


The Orchard, Bali

One of our most recent brand purpose community projects included supporting The Orchard Bar & Restaurant in Bali, Indonesia. 

The magical island of Bali, Indonesia is best known for its beautiful beaches, its emerald rice terraces and its warm and inviting local hospitality. Each year, the island captures the hearts of over one million visitors from around the globe. This year, however, is gravely different.  


COVID-19 hasn't just caused a decline in tourism; Bali's local residents face a national crisis.


The travel ban and dangers of the pandemic have left the world's most popular island without its main source of income. The result is that millions of islanders are now without employment, income or welfare support.  

To help Bali's local residents, people on and off the island are coming together to support the community. We were so inspired by the story of Graeme Storr, the owner of a local bar and restaurant who went from pulling pints to raising funds for food packages, that we too got involved to help Graeme and his team. 

Read the full story here > 

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