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5 Virtual Team Building Activities for 2021!

5 virtual team building activities for 2021

Your team is your company's most precious asset and your most valuable brand ambassador.

Motivated people drive a high-performing company and in 2021 it’s more important than ever to ensure your team feel connected, healthy and happy, despite these rather strange times.

The trend in virtual team building is on the rise with searches for “virtual team building” up 1540% over the last year.

5 virtual team building tips for 2021

While this surge is unsurprising, it also demonstrates that more companies are beginning to appreciate the importance of team building in a virtual world.

To assist organisations in enhancing leadership, motivation and culture, companies such as Thriver are developing dedicated online workplace culture programmes. Thrivers new packages are designed to strengthen internal cultures and promote positive workplaces through initiatives that connect, engage and motivate individuals and teams from remote working locations.

To motivate your team in the New Year, here are 5 virtual team building activities for 2021:

  1. Food & Drink: Organise a virtual cocktail master, sommelier workshop, cooking class, Zoom-based team lunch

  2. Mind & Body: Arrange online yoga classes, meditation sessions, virtual dance parties

  3. Entertainment: Plan trivia events, online murder mystery games, live concerts, join a virtual city tour

  4. Learning & Development: Run leadership workshops, language classes, equality and diversity seminars

  5. Bells & Whistles: Start daily meetings with a round-robin that invites team members to share their big wins (bells) and current challenges (whistles)

Keeping your team motivated and connected through virtual team building activities will champion a new era and help your business thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Take a virtual trip to Paris:

How are you supporting your team in 2021?

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