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Can a marketing consultant ignite your recovery?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

can a marketing consultant ignite your business recovery?

The impact of the current crisis is being felt across the board. COVID-19 has pushed companies to streamline marketing budgets, internal departments, tools and marketing resources.

Even brand giants’ such as Google and Airbnb have been forced to reevaluate their marketing strategies and refocus marketing budgets.

In the short-term, many businesses have gone into survival mode. While pausing marketing spend may aid immediate revenue, companies that take a longer-term strategic view and continue to invest in marketing now are the brands setting themselves up to rebound quicker and reap the rewards of future success.

Ultimately, over time, consumer confidence will return. However, the disruption caused by COVID-19 means that not only has consumer spending habits and demands evolved to become more purpose-driven, people-centric and sustainably-focused; marketing too has changed.

Business success in 2020 requires a more modern marketing mindset with a shift from aspirational to purposeful, transparent and with a tone that resonates on an emotional level. Purpose-driven, reliable and measurable solutions will assist in gaining loyal customers and driving positive results. The ability to adapt creatively and with increased innovation and efficiencies will also be critical to growth.

With the old marketing playbooks no longer valid, and with budgets remaining sensitive, the support of an on-demand marketing consultant provides a cost-effective marketing solution for small businesses and big brands.

Today’s climate has also shown that the brands using marketing strategies to do good and express a purpose will remain at the fore of consumers minds once ‘normality’ resumes. Therefore, working with a marketing consultant from an independent brand purpose agency, such as Outsourced imagination, is a refreshing option for companies.

Through their flexible marketing services, Outsourced imagination keeps businesses in touch with consumers - while building sustainable marketing strategies for the future and creating more customer-centric, purpose-driven marketing messages across all offline and digital channels.

There are many additional benefits to hiring an outsourced marketing consultant. Not only is there cost-saving advantages due to zero employee and HR cost considerations, but businesses will also receive access to a diverse range of marketing skills, online marketing specialities, quick actions, original thinking and intelligent solutions.

Businesses that work with the right brand purpose agency will receive expert marketing consultancy that helps them weather tough times and supports them in emerging strongest on the road to recovery.

Are you ready to reignite your business with the support of an expert marketing consultant?

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