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How purpose-driven marketing strategies helped P&G become "Brand Marketer of the Decade."

Over the past decade, Procter & Gamble has become recognised for its impactful purpose-driven marketing strategies.

Purpose-driven Marketing Example: P&G

The FMCG giant has leveraged its expansive range of iconic brands and unique culture to make a significant difference in the world.

P&G is using its platform as a medium to tackle cultural conversations and drive discussions around topics such as racial, gender and LGBTQ equality.

The brand's impactful purpose-driven marketing strategies have been key in helping Procter & Gamble secure their place as Brand Marketer of the Decade by Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The announcement on 25 June 2020, came in recognition of the world’s largest advertiser’s sustained creative performance.

P&G now talks about being, “a force for good and a force for growth.”

“It’s as important now, as ever, to continue to use our voice and creativity to be a force for good, a force for growth and a force for change,” said P&G chief brand officer, Marc Pritchard who went on to comment, “On behalf of all of our P&G brand builders and creative partners, P&G is so humbled and honoured to be recognised as the Lions Brand Marketer of the Decade.”

According to The Lions Creativity Report of the Decade, which reviews ten years of data to recognise the most creative companies of the decade, P&G’s achievement wasn't the result of their impressive marketing budget. Instead, it was P&G's ability to take a "brand purpose" approach to their advertising and marketing campings.

One example of the brand’s work is “The Talk”. The 2017 award-winning campaign highlights the painful, but necessary conversations Black parents have to prepare their children to live in a racially unjust society.

Other P&G marketing campaigns include #changedestiny from its skincare brand SK-II. The thought-provoking campaign won over consumers with an emotional impact-driven marketing campaign to challenge the stigma toward women who resist pressure to marry.

P&G’s purpose-led journey is centred around driving diversity and inclusion, and how their brand purpose links back to the company's business model.

Does a purpose-driven marketing strategy drive your business?

A powerful brand purpose can change the dynamic of your business and help you connect with consumers on a deeper, more personal level.

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