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This new online store only stocks purpose-driven brands!

Hive stocks only purpose-driven brands

This October, Hive has launched a new online grocery marketplace dedicated to only stocking purpose-driven brands.

Following the rise in conscious consumerism and demand for brands that make a positive impact in our world, the founders of Hive have curated a collection of handpicked purpose-driven brands for their online shelves.

Featuring big names and small brands, each product - from pasta to peanut butter - is united by a commitment to sustainability and social good. There are products made with zero waste practices or designed to lighten your footprint, you can even shop in a way that supports your favourite good cause.

The launch of the new online store supports the movement towards purpose-driven brands that connect with consumer’s core values.

Hive’s findings show, “75% of millennials are actively changing their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment, with 80% willing to pay more for products with social responsibility claims.”

In a recent press statement, Scott Morris, co-founder and chairman of Hive confirmed, “Hive is creating a new path forward for the grocery and retail industries, at large. Global concerns like climate change, social inequality and food waste are front and centre for consumers now more than ever, yet traditional retail has failed to adapt.

Sustainability is more than just a footnote at Hive, it is a core ideology. We have created a destination that brings conscious brands and like-minded consumers together, making it possible to shop by values and make a positive impact at the same time.”

What makes Hive’s network of purpose-driven brands stand out is the introduction of ‘Hive Five’ - a set of criteria that takes away common pain points from consumers, such as the inconvenience of having to vet brands in advance. These special standards are:

  • rave-worthiness (high quality)

  • low impact ingredients

  • environmentally-friendly packaging

  • low carbon footprint

  • commitment to social good

The new commerce-for-good ecosystem is built on convenience, accessibility and trust. It’s also designed to push the industry forward by changing business as usual practices and tackling issues such as broken supply chains.

Is your business a purpose-driven brand?

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Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh

Founder & CMO at Outsourced imagination


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