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The new shade of sustainability - brands with purpose

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Pickleson Paint - Brands with Purpose by Outsourced imagination

Whether it’s empowering a community, standing up for social justice or creating a sustainable competitive advantage - brands with purpose attract attention, generate sales and support causes they care about.

As a purpose-driven marketing agency, Outsourced imagination has a big thing for brands with purpose. We believe it’s time for better business. Our motivation comes from helping small businesses and big brands evolve in a world where profit and success are synonymous with purposeful brand work.

In our latest blog post, we focus on a purpose-driven brand that’s inspiring a new generation of conscious consumers. Through its commitment to sustainability, The Pickleson Paint Co. is developing a new shade of responsible colour.

But first…

Why is purpose-driven marketing smart business?

An increasing number of studies from reputable institutions have shown that brands with purpose are more likely to outperform their competitors.

Even before COVID-19 and the rise of important social, environmental and political movements, more consumers were switching to purpose-driven brands that demonstrate greater authenticity, integrity and a commitment towards good causes.

Results from the 2020 Zeno Strength Of Purpose Study found that global consumers are 4 - 6 times more likely to trust, buy, champion and protect companies with a strong brand purpose over those with a weaker one.

These findings correlate with the mindset of C-suite leaders from within the organisation itself. According to research from the latest Porter Novelli Executive Purpose Study, brand purpose comes from the top and is capturing the attention of the boardroom. 85% of executives believe it is no longer acceptable for companies just to make money; companies must positively impact society as well.

Purpose-driven marketing is not just an opportunity to make the world a better place; brand purpose is the new go-forward strategy that serves genuine business goals. Purpose is for smart businesses and brand purpose is here to stay.

Introducing the new shade of sustainability

Pickleson Paint - Brands with Purpose by Outsourced imagination

There is little doubt about the true business benefit of having a strong brand purpose. Brands that support an important cause are compelling and connect with consumers on a deeper more emotional level.

Consumers across generations and geographies are beginning to truly understand the importance of brand purpose and investing in an authentic purpose-driven marketing strategy. I know that when I shop today, I am constantly thinking about how my actions impact the planet.

There are many layers to my personal purchase decisions. Just a few considerations may include: "Is this a brand with purpose?", "Is the packaging recycled and recyclable?", "Is the product made from sustainable materials?", " Is there a plastic-free alternative?", "Do I trust this brand's purpose-driven marketing communications?", "Do their values fit with my beliefs?"

Thankfully, making smarter choices is becoming easier as more businesses turn to purpose-first promises and genuine purpose-driven marketing communications throughout their touch-points. The Pickleson Paint Co., for example, is a brand that stands out - literally!

Pickleson Paint - Brands with Purpose by Outsourced imagination

Based in the UK, The Pickleson Paint Co. originated from a desire to create beautiful paint that is truly sustainable. Their ethos, ‘sexy paint made responsibly’ couples the brand’s dedication to show-stopping colour palettes with an eco-friendly approach to the way the paint industry operates.

Developed by entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts, Alex and Rachael, Pickleson Paints are water-based and low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds that evaporate from paint during manufacture and application). The balanced formula still uses enough non-toxic additives to ensure their product remains durable, requires no undercoats or primers, and is longer lasting - meaning people need to paint less frequently.

Their signature recipe is quick-drying, odourless and made without the use of toxic masking agents. Recent innovations include a new element called “Protego”, which helps protect from harmful bacteria, moulds and other deadly microbes.

Recyclable and responsibly sourced packaging is also a must for this boutique brand.

As a sustainable alternative to traditional paint products, The Pickleson Paint Co. is one of my favourite brands with purpose. From their stylish marketing messages across social media to their strategic partnerships with some of London's most exciting designers and brands including Fortnum & Mason, Pickleson is well on their way to re-imagining a world of colour that protects the environment and their customers.

Pickleson Paint - Brands with Purpose by Outsourced imagination

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