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The new world of Brand Purpose!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As a brand purpose agency, we love sharing the latest purpose-led stories and providing examples of brand purpose in business.

We also share news, tips and insights on how you can boost business performance by adding authentic brand purpose to the heart of your brand architecture.

Examples of brand purpose by Outsourced imagination

The power of an authentic brand story.

According to PR Week Asia, “Brands that communicate a purpose and have an authentic brand story outperform the stock market by 134%”.

Not only are more consumers looking to connect with the brands getting behind an authentic brand purpose, according to Harvard Business Review, employees are also willing to take a pay cut in order to work for a company that is genuinely committed to a purpose aligned with their personal brand values.

While the power of brand purpose is becoming increasingly important for business growth and success, 'Purpose' shouldn’t be pigeonholed as just another fancy marketing slogan. Your brand story must be authentic and using ‘brand purpose’ in your marketing with the sole purpose of capturing market share is a very dangerous game.

How you communicate and act internally is just as important as your purpose-driven marketing message. You must live up to the persona of your brand promise, or risk getting caught out and publicly criticized.

If you're looking for more reasons for adding brand purpose to the core of your business and marketing strategy, visit Outsourced imagination's Brand Purpose pages here >

How PepsiCo uses empathy and purpose as its greatest brand currency.

More than ever, businesses are facing unprecedented times. While the global COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the way many companies operate, the Black Lives Matter movement is pushing brands to review their brand values and start asking if they are truly demonstrating equality in business - this includes looking internally and not just at marketing messages.

Smart businesses are using these historic moments as an opportunity to become better brands.

Leading with empathetic brand messages and taking purpose-driven marketing seriously has been the case for some companies, including PepsiCo.

In recent months the leading soft drink brand invested $50 million towards helping people and communities impacted by the pandemic. Actions included providing funds for protective gear, testing services, and donating meals to food banks.

With a history of bringing people together through music, PepsiCo not only partnered with Global Citizen on their One World: Together At Home Event but also supported Altisimo Live!, a Latin Music and Pop Culture Festival live stream festival supporting the Farmworkers' Pandemic Relief Fund.

PepsiCo pledged $7 million towards medical and economic aid to Black and Latino communities effected by COVID-19 and teamed up with local communities to spotlight frontline workers in a new "Stronger Together" Campaign.

Examples of brand purpose - Pepsi by Outsourced imagination.j

To support PepsiCo’s claims that empathy and brand purpose is more important than ever, Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo, Greg Lyons recently released a report showing: “94% of Americans say empathy is important in today’s society. In fact, nearly four in five (79%) believe it has become even more important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

View full report here >

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Orel Corporation unveils NEW brand purpose

Headquartered in Sri-Lanka, family-owened multinational manufacturing company Orel Corporation recently unveiled a new platform focused on brand and purpose - "Empowering humanity"

Operating across 34 countries, the global electrical brand plans to create a “brighter, cleaner and smarter future for everyone”. The business aims to provide a sustainable environment for future generations under its new brand purpose promise.

While the innovative technology company previously centred around 2 main pillars - electrical and lighting, Orel has embarked on a change journey that puts brand purpose at the heart of 8 new foundations.

Orel’s new “WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO” promise is to connect people, products, and technologies through innovation, by empowering humanity to make our world a better place.

Examples of brand purpose by Outsourced imagination.j

Committing to the power of purpose, the brand has also pledged that they will never work with businesses that deal in arms and ammunition, alcohol and tobacco, livestock, gambling or any other business that undermines their perceived social values.

Orel’s "Empowering humanity" purpose is to focus on people, community and the planet.

During COVID-19 Orel rolled out its first unmanned store offering contactless access to necessities from Orel's range of products. Orel's Buy app also offers groceries and gas to more than 1,000 families in Sri Lanka, while its Orel Share app, allows the company to share its surpluses of meals, books and clothes to local communities.

The business is also investing in recycled water and rainwater harvesting and proudly announced on social media that "going green" is not a choice, but a responsibility!

Trace Associates Inc. Reveals New Purpose-Driven Brand

Operating in Western and Northern Canda, Trace Associates Inc. is a purpose-driven organization that provides environmental consulting and engineering services for clients in the oil and gas, real estate and development, mining, industrial, government and agricultural industries.

Founded in 2006, Trace is 100% employee-owned with a brand promise of putting people first.

The unveiling of their new brand, which includes a new logo, visual identity and website, is in honour of the brand journey and its commitment to doing things better and adapting to changing landscapes.

Trace’s brand purpose commitments include making health and safety a habit for everyone and focusing on preventing problems through advanced training and guidance. The business ethos is, “taking care of our people and suppliers so they can take care of our clients.”

Examples of brand purpose in Canada by Outsourced imagination

A Cuppa with a Conscience! Clipper Teas reveal new Brand Purpose Promise

The popular fairtrade tea company is discouraging the use of paper cups and single-use plastic by offering customers their own reusable cup.

As a B Corp certified brand, Clipper Teas, which is owned by Wessanen UK, balances profit with brand purpose.

When it comes to this popular British tradition, Clipper takes an ethical approach to tea by pledging to make a positive impact on the planet.

In 2019, the brand introduced the UK’s first biodegradable heat-sealed, unbleached and non-genetically modified tea bag. Clipper’s tea bag envelopes are also fully recyclable and made with 100% organic string.

As of June 2020, the ethical brand is inviting consumers to cash in four tokens in return for an environmentally friendly bamboo cup that is BPA free and made from natural, rapidly renewable bamboo fibre.

Tokens can be collected on special packs of Clipper Teas, available at main UK supermarkets.

With all of Clipper Tea products made with pure, natural ingredients, the new purpose-driven marketing initiative is the perfect way to support sustainability while enjoying a cuppa with a conscience.

In a recent Press Release, Wessanen UK category and Marketing Director, Bryan Martins says:

“Everything Clipper does is guided by its commitment to natural, fair and delicious tea, which extends to the new on-pack promotion.

We wanted to give loyal customers a gift that serves a sustainability purpose – encouraging them to re-use their cup. Over 2.5 billion takeaway tea and coffee cups are discarded per year in the UK, and by supplying reusable cups to some of our shoppers, we hope they can enjoy their tea in a sustainable way - whether at home or out and about.”

While we understand the importance of putting brand-purpose into the heart of your business and marketing strategies, we appreciate it's not always easy.

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