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What is Earth Day Live 2020 & how can you get involved?

22 April 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual celebration of transformative change for people and the planet.

While this year’s #EarthDay sits alongside a global pandemic, the topic of climate change remains as important as ever. 

Our world needs transformational change. We can no longer ignore the devastating effects and destruction caused by uneducated actions. Now is the time for businesses and individuals - you, the consumer, a voter, a member of the community, and a participant of this planet to drive positive change. 

Earth Day is a time for global collaboration. So even though we cannot come together in person, the world's largest environmental movement has gone online to share thousands of stories, conversations and events through #EarthDayLive2020.  

Join Earth Day Live 2020

Earth Day Live is a collaboration between The US Climate Strike Coalition and Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition, who together are made up of over 500 organisations. The 3-day event focusing on community, hope and togetherness, will take place between 22 - 24 April. The platform will be used to share stories from the frontline, offer actions and explanations on how to rebuild in a sustainable and equitable way after COVID-19. Plus celebrity cameos, musician sets and high-profile speakers. The star-studded line up includes, Jane Fonda, Joaquin Phoenix, Patricia Arquette, Al Gore, Moby, Jack Johnson, and many more.

Earth Day 2020 acts as a reminder of just how fragile our planet is.

Powerful messages are coming through this year's Earth Hour, despite COVID-19.

Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

According to Earth Day organisers, "The urgency to protect our planet has never been greater, and the stakes have never been higher – we are now in an environmental emergency and a climate breakdown. We have two crises: One is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The other is a slowly building disaster for our climate."

As we move towards a tipping point where we are likely to see irreversible environmental damage, including mass extinction of species, catastrophic pollution of oceans, destruction of communities and displacement of millions, we are also seeing a rise in community spirit, a renewed appreciation for nature and unity for change.

And while the world was not prepared for the novel #coronavirus, we still have time to prepare for the #climatecrisis.⁣⁣

Earth Day Live will take place between 22 to 24 April 2020 at https://www.earthdaylive2020.org/

The livestream will be available on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Stay safe, stay healthy. Thinking of you all during these times.

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