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When the perfect cuppa comes with a social purpose

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

“Saving lives, one cup of tea at a time” is the ethos behind the new purpose-driven brand, MOOD tea.

Going beyond a well-loved tradition, MOOD tea is a new social enterprise with a strong social purpose. The brand, created by a collective string of media, marketing, creative and corporate partners led by UnLtd, is raising funds for youth mental health programmes in the fight against youth suicide in Australia.

Following its brand purpose statement, MOOD is on a mission to support every young Australian struggling with mental health issues. The purpose-led brand is focused on making a monumental social change through its range of soothing brews designed to boost your mood and promote happy feelings.

“With the help of our strategic partners we have created a beautiful product that tastes good, looks good and does good. Now we need to tell everybody about it and that is what we as an industry are so amazing at doing,” said UnLtd CEO, Chris Freel.

"Imagine if we can look back in a year from now and say that our industry helped keep thousands more young people alive. The more people and organisations that get involved, the more lives that we can help to save."

We all love a good cuppa, so why not make it count!

As we move farther into 2021, social purpose is becoming a non-negotiable for successful businesses and brands. Navigating the purpose-driven business and marketing space can be challenging without the support of a purpose-driven marketing agency to guide you on finding, implementing and communicating the right social purpose.

If you’re considering support from a purpose-driven marketing agency, arrange a free 30-minute consultation with Outsourced imagination Founder, Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh.

Social purpose is a complex space and we’re here to support you on an important journey.

Thanks for dropping by our purpose-driven marketing blog.

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